Suivant von Lamasz and Grandbruit

Lamasz and Grandbruit’s second collaborative effort, Suivant, is a texturally dreamy seven piece record. Their freshman album was released on their own label Florina Cassettes and set the stage for the brothers’ artistic vision. The ethereal sound on this new record is the result of their two distinct sounds that come together cohesively within a natural progression of lo-fi loops.

Grandbruit is creating pieces primarily from field recordings and guitar loops. The Montreal native utilizes the banalities of everyday life and his city’s landscape as inspiration for his music. Lamasz makes dreamy lo-fi ambient greatly inspired by visual arts. He mainly uses tape loops to create beautiful soundscapes that can either be background or deep listening music. His albums were released by label such as Stereoscenic, Past Inside the Present, Giraffe tapes and his own Florina Cassettes.

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