The Case For Leaving Twitter

Sehr spannender Artikel über die Entwicklung von Twitter:

To go with the old Nazi bar analogy: you open a new dive bar, and in the opening crowd comes a few Nazis. They’re comfortable making their views known, and using the bar as a platform to recruit others. The tolerant thing to do, is to give them as much right to their views as any other. The right thing to do, is to remove them from the bar. So long as they remain, they will recruit compatriots, push out regular patrons, and before long what you will have is a Nazi bar.

But here, I want to introduce the opposite, the paradox of intolerance. Assume the same analogy, but you don’t own the bar. The bartender isn’t keen on kicking out paying customers. In this case, you have only words. You attempt to organize a protest to shout the Nazis out of the bar, but in turn, they do the same. They bring in Nazis from all over the country to engage in a war of words. What you have now, is an even bigger Nazi bar.

When you quote retweet that racist, misogynist, transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic nonsense you allow it to proliferation. A quote-tweet is a retweet. Take a post that nobody in a million years would retweet, give them a quote-tweet button instead, and it’s going viral yesterday. The debunking is just preaching to the choir. For every fence sitter you may convince with facts, 5 others are lured to the other side by feelings. It’s no coincidence that far-right content is spreading like wildfire on Twitter. It’s not suddenly any more popular an ideology than before, you’re just placing it in front of more eyes.

via: The Case For Leaving Twitter by ADepressedPossum

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