Heute morgen habe ich zwei Artikel gelesen, amerikanische Innenpolitik in der NY-Times. Ich warne davor, darüber zu lange nachzudenken, das könnte die Gänsehaut versteifen.

Zunächst zu Trump und seinem Versuch, bei der nächsten Wahl eine Abkürzung zu nehmen:

“This is the kind of stuff that’s not talked about in the news,” said Scott Golden, the chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, who was invited to speak briefly in private with Mr. Trump when the former president visited his state this spring. “This is important stuff. It is ultimately about making sure your person is the nominee.”

Quelle: NY-Times Inside Trump’s Backroom Effort to Lock Up the Nomination

Als Topping dann noch ein Kommentar zur Kandidatur von JFK Jr., ein Hinweis der ein paar prinzipielle Probleme mit der us-amerikanischen Verfassung offenbart:

The bomb goes off if an independent candidate like Mr. Kennedy manages to pick up a few electoral votes and prevents either of the two main candidates from winning an outright majority of electors (at least 270 out of 538). In that case, the American people no longer have a say in the biggest election in the land. Instead, under the 12th Amendment, the top three electoral vote getters advance to a second round, in which the House of Representatives “shall choose immediately, by ballot, the president. But” — and rarely in the history of democracy has a “but” been asked to do so much — “in choosing the president, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote.”

Quelle: NY-Times The Real Danger in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Independent Run

Wie war das mit dem ’nation building‘? Ich frage mich immer mehr, wer hier wirklich der ‚failed state‘ ist?